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ISPP aims to cultivate is a vibrant and diverse community of scholars and public policy practitioners. The scholar senate, clubs, squads and the policy review is where our scholars learn a multitude of skills and lay the groundwork for lifelong learning and friendships.

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Insights from our scholars | Karuna Reang

Insights from our scholars | Shiksha Dahiya

Rangmanch: Cultural Committee

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Scholar Senate

The senate is the scholar governance body at ISPP. The role of the senate is to support the scholar body by representing their concerns and by being an agent to facilitate discussions with the ISPP leadership. The senate is also designed to enable scholars to hone and learn essential skills such as stakeholder engagement, delegation, leadership, communication, networking, self awareness, consensus building amongst others.

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At ISPP the scholar community have created clubs to pursue non-academic pursuits which not only helps them connect with their batch beyond course but also helps them Learn from the diverse and unique perspectives of others. Clubs include: Consulting Club, Prakruti Club, Music and Theatre Club, Women in Public Policy, Diplomacy Club Film Club

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Policy Hackathon is one of the most enriching and fun experiences at ISPP! We usually invite organisations to give scholars a real policy challenge, and the scholars get 24 hours to work and present their solutions. The campus stays open all night, and of course there’s an endless supply of chai/snacks

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Public Speaking at Sanjay Van

As part of the Policy Writing and Communication Lab, scholars get to train in public speaking at the beautiful and serene Sanjay Van. Scholars stand atop a huge rock and give rousing speeches to an audience of peers seated on the ground below.